Presenting the DarkSoul Kernel with base features from Elementalx-1.0

By Xcelerator Xcelerator

Warning: I’m not responsible for any damage,you get the credit for the damage.
Base kernel version : 3.18.19

Custom kernel version: 3.18.56(07-06-2017)


  • Latest kernel bug fixes(07-06-2017)
  • Elementalx-v2(apply manually)
  • Conservative
  • -I/O schedulers:
  • BFQ(apply manually), Fiops,SIO,Zen
  • RGB color and vibration intensity control
  • 160mb zRam(lz4 compression)
  • USB fast charge (disabled,900mA max)
  • Charging time reduced by 20-25 mins
  • Sweep to sleep gesture
  • Fixed otg drop on some devices(WIP)

Supported devices:

  • -BQ : Strike S5020
  • Cloudfone: Thrill HD
  • Walton : Primo GH6,Gh6+
  • Wiko : Lenny 3



flar2,Mauro Andreolini,paolo-github,bbedward,dorimanx,DespairFactor
Thanks to:

Ahmed Rahmy Dev-Mohamed Gamal Nana Iyke Quame, Nickron Davis Sandeep Sethi Rendy Arya Kemal,AMD,AOXP,Mt6580 Chipset Development and yeah,me too :p
How to use:

Grab the boot.img of whichever ROM you’re using,unpack and then repack with this kernel. Then flash. Done!

If you want to access all features of this kernel, I recommend to use EX kernel manager from playstore. Kernel adiutor works too,not all accessible though.
OK guys,that’s about it. Enjoy the kernel and be sure not to burn/blast your devices :p

———-Dark Xcelerator@xda


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